Keiretsu Forum members understand that searching for funding can be a daunting process to even the most experienced entrepreneur. To get a better understanding of the Keiretsu Forum process, we encourage entrepreneurs interested in presenting to Keiretsu Forum to attend a Keiretsu Forum meeting prior to applying. The meetings calendar is listed on the Keiretsu Forum web site

Companies that apply to Keiretsu Forum are typically looking for their A or B rounds. They usually have already secured a seed round of funding of at least $150K from "founders, friends and family" and/or individual angel investors. Additionally, the companies already have some revenue as a proof of traction.

Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality investment opportunities in diverse industries: health care/life sciences, internet related, software, telecommunications, consumer products, clean/green technologies, food & beverage, real estate and other industries with high growth opportunity.

To apply to present to Keiretsu Forum, please fill out the Keiretsu Forum Application. We recommend that you read the articles provided as a resource in the Entrepreneur Presentation Tips page of the Keiretsu Forum web site.

Keiretsu Forum does not sign any Non-Disclosure Agreements. Any executive summaries and other supporting documents submitted to Keiretsu Forum for consideration will not be treated as confidential even if marked confidential. Please include only information that you are comfortable to share under these terms.

The Keiretsu Forum application, selection and presentation process is:

1. Application

Interested companies complete the Keiretsu Forum online application.

2. Informational Call

All viable applicants have an informational call with the Keiretsu Forum team to go over the process and to discuss the following questions:

·         How much capital have you raised to date? Typically the companies have raised at least $150K in previous capital.

·         Do you have any revenue? The Keiretsu Forum members like to see revenue validation as a proof of concept.

·         How much capital are you looking to raise in the current round? Typically the companies are raising $500K to $3 million for growth (to hire a sales force, to continue product development and/or for working capital).

3. Committee Pre-screening

After the informational call, applicants are pre-screened by Keiretsu Forum members via a telephone call. The members participate in industry-specific committees based on their background, such as Software Committee, Health Care/Life Sciences, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Clean Technology and Education Technology. Based on the pre-screening recommendation, 7-10 companies are selected to present at the monthly Deal Screening.

4. Keiretsu Forum

The companies that are selected at the Deal Screening then present at the monthly Keiretsu Forum chapter meetings one week after the Deal Screening. In Southern California the same companies present 3 consecutive days to each of the chapter meetings: Ventura County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. The presentation slots are 20 minutes long. We recommend a 10-minute core presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. Immediately after the completion of the presentations the entrepreneurs are excused and the Keiretsu Forum members discuss each investment opportunity during the "Mindshare". Every accredited investor in attendance then completes an interest form (the Gold Sheet), which is compiled by the Keiretsu Forum team and is provided to the entrepreneur for follow-up and due diligence kick-off.

5. Due Diligence

The company then enters into a due diligence phase with the Keiretsu Forum members that signed the Gold Sheet. The due diligence is kicked off with a conference call one week after the Keiretsu Forum meetings. It is common for one or two members to take the lead in due diligence and negotiations with the company. Members collaborate in the due diligence, but make individual investment decisions.

The due diligence process is available in The Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence Handbook, which represents more than a decade of knowledge and best practices vetted by over a thousand Keiretsu Forum investor members world-wide.

6. Multi-Chapter Syndication

After a company has presented to the Keiretsu Forum chapters in the closest geography and has received investment interest traction from members of that region, the company then has the unique opportunity to syndicate the deal and present to other chapters throughout the Keiretsu Forum network. Members of each chapter conduct their own due diligence and make their own investment decisions; however they benefit greatly from shared due diligence.

By entering and utilizing this site entrepreneurs hereby agree to be bound by the Terms of Use Agreement of this Site as well as the Keiretsu Forum Presenters Terms and Conditions described herein.



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